About the Creator

I’m Mo Bunnell. I’ve spoken at some of the biggest industry conferences including ________, __________, and _______________, and I’ve been featured as a business development expert in major publications including _____________, ____________ and ______________.

I grew up in a small town in Indiana and now live in Atlanta with my wife Becky and our two girls Gabby and Josie. I'm an avid reader, life-long learner, and I love to create. For those of you who know HBDI®-speak, I'm a strong yellow, with blue and red as my other strong thinking preferences. My big yellow entrepreneurial, creative side is what drove me to develop GrowBIG® over a period of 15+ years of research and development - and to continue to create and perfect the GrowBIG® Integrated System that can make any professional into a Rainmaker.  To this day, I use GrowBIG® techniques successfully to build and grow my own company, Bunnell Idea Group, Inc.

About My Philosophy

I believe that GrowBIG® is an incredible tool for forming genuine connections with prospects and clients. The best business development techniques involve the heart and allow the people you meet to get to know you quickly and feel like they really know you and your business. One of the coolest things about  GrowBIG® is that it is built from the buyer's perspective. It is not the antiquated sales thinking of the 80s and 90s (which largely consisted of waiting for the phone to ring.) GrowBIG® is a proactive methodology that always keeps your clients' needs first and foremost so that you can design a better buying experience for them.

Business development can be easy, successful and fun - if you follow the GrowBIG® system!