GrowBIG® Achieve Leader Training is a two-day training class that teaches your internal team leaders how to implement a GrowBIG® Achieve program, with particular emphasis on coaching on the use of the GrowBIG® tools and techniques. This is an option for companies who have skilled leaders and managers who have completed GrowBIG® Training, and who have desire to learn to coach their teams to higher levels of performance.

The GrowBIG® Achieve Leader Training program includes the following topics:

  • Defining success for your team, including strategic planning, new team goals, and new desired behaviors for team members
  • Assessing your leadership skills and learning to conduct coaching conversations that provide positive reinforcement to achieve the desired behaviors
  • Coaching on the GrowBIG® Rituals of Success
  • Coaching on key GrowBIG® tools and techniques
  • Celebrating team and individual success, both small and large
  • Implementing GrowBIG® Achieve, including defining metrics and reporting requirements and designing the program to meet your needs

The GrowBIG® Achieve Leader Training program is taught by GrowBIG® facilitators who also have direct experience leading GrowBIG® Achieve programs for our clients. As skilled coaches of business development professionals from all industries, our facilitators add their real world, real life experience to a highly interactive and engaging classroom session. Leaders who attend the GrowBIG® Achieve Leader Training will acquire the skills and knowledge to successfully implement a GrowBIG® Achieve program and to coach their teams on all aspects of the GrowBIG® business development methodology.

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