GrowBIG® Achieve for Teams is a team-oriented execution process that includes strategy setting, tactical planning, measurement, infrastructure building, and the celebration of success. The Achieve model enables professionals to be accountable, to consistently learn and to share ideas among their peers. GrowBIG® Achieve helps professionals implement the key processes and foundational tools of the GrowBIG® system to accelerate success.

GrowBIG® Achieve Facilitators  and Team Leaders are your advocates for business development success. They work with team members to help them reach their goals. They aid you in using the GrowBIG® system to help grow your business faster. They hold the team accountable and challenge each of you to grow, stretch, and be more successful in business development.

The GrowBIG® Integrated System unites training and coaching to help you learn the right way to do business development. It's an authentic, proven system that focuses on designing a better buying experience for your prospects and clients.

GrowBIG® Achieve for Teams

Innovative. Measurable. Authentic.

  • Each GrowBIG® Achieve team is led by a Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator.
  • The GrowBIG® Achieve Facilitator works with the team for a year.
  • GrowBIG® Achieve Teams are made up of 10 to 20 participants.
  • GrowBIG® Achieve team members have already completed GrowBIG® Training on Modules 1 through 17.
  •  The annual kick-off begins with a 3/4 day in-person session, in which the Achieve Facilitator will help the team set a great strategy for the year.
  • After the annual kick-off, the Achieve team meets for a monthly two-hour webinar for eleven months.
  • The webinar format includes rewarding and celebrating successes, choosing each individual's to dos for the next month, and covering new content so that the team continues to learn.
  • An Achieve Team can continue in the same annual cadence in future years to keep business development momentum succeeding at high levels.

GrowBIG® Achieve includes these important components:

  1. Clearly Defined Goals. Clear monthly goals are strategically chosen and agreed to by each individual of the team. The Facilitator helps individuals set strategy and then set their Most Important Thing (MIT) for the next time period. The agreement between the coach and each coachee is an important part of the accountability aspect of GrowBIG® Achieve.
  2. Specific Process and Timing with End Date. There is a clearly defined time period during which each team member will complete their goals each month. The guidance provided by the Achieve Facilitator helps outline the specific process that each individual will follow to meet their goals.
  3. Proven Behavioral Coaching Techniques. Our GrowBIG® Facilitators follow proven behavioral coaching techniques that combine the right approach, tools and techniques to elevate the business development success of the team in a measurable way.
  4. Measurable results. We measure lagging indicators in GrowBIG® Achieve, but more importantly we measure leading indicators, the short term things that impact your business development success in the long-term. GrowBIG® Achieve makes sure you are doing the right things in business development today, in order to produce the favorable lagging indicators that correlate to those actions.
  5. It's fun! People like to be successful. They like to master a craft and accomplish something big. Achieve teams celebrate all the great successes each month. This celebration of success motivates the whole team in the right direction when they hear and experience the success stories of the GrowBIG® system from their peers.

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GrowBIG® Achieve helps professionals grow their business faster.
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