Do you like investing?  Then you likely know that most of the success in investing doesn’t correlate with picking stocks perfectly. Most of the success in investing comes from asset allocation. The success hinges mainly on how much you invest in certain financial vehicles in the first place.

Investing in your most important relationships is like proper asset allocation. Looking at it from this perspective will help you turn the tables so to speak and determine exactly where you need to spend your time. We all have only a certain amount of time to spend on business development each week.  Naturally you want to spend your time in the most effective way.  Success isn't about choosing to spend time with only your favorite people (or I would spend all my time with Becky, Gabby and Josie!), nor is it about spending time with only people you know well.  It is about consciously determining who you need to invest time in each week for your future success, and theirs, in an authentic, long-term relationship way.

In GrowBIG®, we talk a lot about investing in your Protemoi.  Protemoi is a Greek word that means first among equals.  Everyone you know is important to you. You want to spend time with everyone you love. The reality is that you only have a certain amount of time available during work, social, or personal time. You have to make choices. When it comes to success during work and personal life, you want to invest in your first among equals - the people you do know and the people that you should know that will be most important to your success this year.

I know instinctively that if I invest in my relationship with my wife and my children that it will make me successful, and it will help them as well. I know that if I introduce the services of my company to new people that it will help make me successful, and it will help them as well. 

If you are focusing on your first among equals this week, where will you invest your time?

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