As Doctor Seuss so wisely put it, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Here at BIG, some of our favorite things to read are blogs. The great thing about them is that they are short and sweet and they come packed with great insight. 

Another great aspect of blogs is that you can tailor your list of favorites to fit your specific wants and needs. As a company, we tend to follow blogs that have to do with strategy, design, new technology, behavioral science, behavioral economics, how people change and other topics that interest us and help us to add more value while we deliver GrowBIG® to our clients. 

The key is to find information that interests you, even if it doesn’t necessarily relate to your specific business. 

We’ve found that it’s very helpful to automate your blog reading technology and process. Two great apps that I use are Mr. Reader and Pocket. Mr. Reader acts like my own personal blog newspaper, automatically collecting posts from the blogs that I subscribe to. Then, if I really like an article and want to save it or share it with a client on my Protemoi List, I send it to Pocket. From there, it only takes one click to send it out with a personalized email.  Pocket has become my Asset List.  

(Note: While we never see it after setting things up, a web-based app called Feedly supplies the organizational structure and content that Mr. Reader gathers.) 

Here is a video blog post from the BIG Blog: In this video, I explain how to use both Mr. Reader and Pocket together in a very streamlined system. A quick thing to point out – in the video I mention Google Reader, which doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, I now use Feedly in place of Google Reader. Feedly replaces Google Reader functions and does the same thing. So, just substitute Feedly in every time I mention Mr. Reader in the video.

Mo Bunnell - Video Blog Post -

 BIG’s Favorite Blogs

 Behavioral Change

 The Minimalists

Zenhabits by Leo Babauta

Social Triggers

The shrink for entrepreneurs

Bunnell Idea Group

 Behavioral Economics

 NYT > The Upshot

Priceonomics Blog


Dan Ariely's Blog

 Strategy, Innovation and New Technology

 Daring Fireball by John Gruber

John Moltz's Very Nice Website

Stratechery by Ben Thompson

The Sweet Setup

Shawn Blanc

Benedict Evans

Mac Daily News

 Design and other Ideas

 Sketchnote Army


Cool Tools

Pretty Much Amazing



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