Custom GrowBIG® Training Sessions

Custom GrowBIG® Training sessions help you grow your business faster. In Custom Training sessions, we  utilize the core GrowBIG® Integrated System, and then incorporate your industry, management goals, corporate culture,  lingo and more into the facilitation of the training. Custom Training is usually preferred by companies who wish to have all of their employees learn a common business development framework and accountability, in a private company setting.

In Custom GrowBIG® sessions, you get the same great, proven GrowBIG® methodology that accelerates client acquisition and strengthens client retention. However, we strategically build out the nuances of the training facilitation based on your company's goals for growth. We can advise you on how GrowBIG® can be most effectively implemented for your firm's business development success based on the particular needs of your company. Our Certified Facilitators will deepen and emphasis certains aspects of the GrowBIG® methodology based on the challenges that you are currently facing with your competition and industry.

BIG Certified GrowBIG® Facilitators lead the custom GrowBIG® Trainings. We require a minimum of 15 people per custom session, and recommend a maximum of 30 people per session. We've found that this size group allows the maximum engagement of participants in the activities. Everyone has a chance to speak up, ask questions, and actively participate. GrowBIG® has embedded instructional design which means a lot of activities and break out groups to maximize adult learning from the training which keeps the group engaged and learning through the whole training.

BIG can scale GrowBIG® Training from facilitating for 15 people per session to facilitating much larger events.  We can train 300 or more people simultaneously by utilizing a Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator for every 25 to 30 people per room. So whether you wish roll out GrowBIG® a session at a time or want to host a few big events, we can scale GrowBIG® Training to your needs.

GrowBIG® Customization of Training Materials

We offer three different levels of customization of GrowBIG® Training materials; Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Light GrowBIG® Customization includes branding the content with the Client’s name and logo throughout, changing case studies and examples to match the client’s business (but not changing core processes or procedures). This customization will utilize BIG’s project manager, instructional designer, graphic designer, and copywriters.

Medium GrowBIG® Customization includes everything involved in the above Light Customization plus changes to the core processes and/or procedures to better match the client's business process.

Heavy GrowBIG® Customization includes all of the above details plus re-ordering of the content into a difference sequence of modules, writing new transitional materials, and design and development of new content, processes, and procedures.

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