BIG helps companies grow their business faster.

We have had the privilege of working with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our clients include top law firms, accounting firms, financial advisory firms, management consulting firms, insurance brokerages along with major Fortune 500 product companies, outsourcers and financial services organizations.

GrowBIG® Integrated System

The proven GrowBIG® training, coaching, and consulting system helps our clients grow their business faster, in the right way.
  GrowBIG® is a systematic business development approach that helps professionals develop business in a highly successful, efficient, and effective way. We take great pleasure in the success our clients have experienced using GrowBIG®.
We're honored to share a few of their testimonies below.

Bunnell Idea Group is one of the finest business development consulting groups that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I’ve worked with a lot of them… We were able to foster better relationships with our business partners, and increase our business at a pace we had never seen before. The GrowBIG® system took our company to the next level.
— Chief Marketing Officer, CPG Brokerage
Mind. Blown. In all my years as an attorney, I have never been through any business development training like this. It is innovative, sophisticated, and effective. It is based on sound behavioral science techniques. I implemented the GrowBIG® system for business development and it changed my career.
— Partner, Top 25 Law Firm

GrowBIG® allows organizations to improve the business development effectiveness of every employee, quickly.

Our GrowBIG® Integrated System works because we've done the research. Over a period of 16 years -- we've researched, tested, developed, and finely tuned a business development process that can be utilized by any professional to accelerate client acquisition and accelerate client retention. The GrowBIG® key processes can be implemented immediately after training, along with the foundational tools, to build the right habits for ongoing success.

We had a internal team of 12 people trying to build an effective business development training program from scratch. After 15 months, we still weren’t satisfied and had yet to launch a pilot of the program. When we sent a few of our top people to ‘test drive’ GrowBIG® at a public training session in Atlanta, they came back dazed and amazed. BIG has done the research and development. Experiencing a proven business development training of this caliber changed our direction. We need GrowBIG®. My only regret? Not being introduced to BIG sooner.
— Learning & Development Leader, Fortune 100 Company

GrowBIG® changes the way professionals view business development.

GrowBIG® Training builds credibility with professionals - first through the effectiveness of the training, and then with the sophistication and clarity of GrowBIG® Achieve. The instructional design built into the program makes the training engaging, active, and effective for adult learning. When professionals leave GrowBIG® training, generally they are already Raving Fans.

The training engages them. The sophistication of the GrowBIG® system wows them.
The GrowBIG® key processes and foundational tools provide professionals with a clear business development road map.

GrowBIG® Achieve helps professionals build and strengthen the habits of the methodology. Our system becomes an integral part of their daily business routine so BD is top of mind. Professionals become more efficient in the time they have to devote to BD in the midst of competing work priorities. GrowBIG® enhances the way professionals interact with their prospects and clients. It changes the way they view business development and expedites their success in developing business the right way.

I’ve attended training sessions and completed assessments before, but this was the BEST at making the findings actionable and leaving you (literally) with a road map for success in hand. It is the most impactful development training I’ve ever attended. This gave me and my Development Director a common vocabulary. We can move forward working from the same playbook now.
— CEO, International Nonprofit Organization
The methodology is useful, sophisticated, mind-changing and sharp. I have never seen the Partners in my firm stay so engaged from the beginning to the very end. It is the perfect complement to all the technical training we receive on the service side because, face it, today every professional has to be active in developing business.
— Partner, Top 5 Accounting Firm

When GrowBIG® is implemented firm-wide,
the benefits are multiplied throughout your organization.

Launching GrowBIG® firm-wide gives your company a common business development language and a team-building, deep understanding of thinking styles. It builds a unified business development focus across the company. GrowBIG® provides a clear path for all professionals to follow for business development.  Imagine every employee focused on business development, utilizing all the same key processes and foundational tools with success. Imagine the potential if all your clients acted as positive ambassadors for your services with everyone they meet. That's what GrowBIG® can do.

GrowBIG® was a positive, culture enhancing, game changer for our law firm. Before GrowBIG®, our attorneys got sidetracked by client facing, billable work and never focused on business development. And frankly, most of them had never been taught how to do business development. Now, our professionals all speak the same BD language and they excel at using Give-to-Gets to meet new clients. GrowBIG® Achieve has helped our top partners turn into Rainmakers for our firm. From new hires to Managing Partner, everyone has learned how to do business development the right way using the GrowBIG® system.
— Learning & Development Director, Top 75 Law Firm