Don't Miss Out! LexisNexis InterAction Summer Webinar Series - May 17, June 1, and June 22. 

Make this a summer to remember - and to profit by. Attend all three sessions of the LexisNexis Interaction Summer Webinar Series: "Helping Lawyers Grow Sustainable Pipeline: Managing Opportunities, Relationships, and Yourself. 

Presented by BD and professional development gurus, Mo Bunnell and Doug Johnson, and LexisNexis InterAction product expert, Scott Winter, the series will reveal how to help lawyers manage opportunities, relationships and themselves to grow their pipelines – and their firm’s profitability. 


Busy lawyers often get tied up in delivery work, making it difficult for them to stay on top of their practice development. It's one of the biggest barriers to growth in the law firm environment. However, many firms are overcoming this by implementing business development (BD) processes that are critical to the firm's growth. Our three-part webinar series will show you how to help lawyers develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in BD. 


• May 17: Managing Opportunities 

We will focus on proactively managing opportunities. We'll start with the "Buyer" - clients and potential clients - and explore what it takes to get them excited about saying, "Yes." 

• June 1: Managing Relationships 

We will teach the steps a lawyer needs to follow to proactively shepherd their clients through this process. 

• June 22: Managing Yourself 

We'll teach the science of BD support - what processes and techniques can the support team use to help lawyers create the demand they want? With behavioral science as a guide, we'll uncover the secrets to helping legal teams grow in a way they actually enjoy. 

Mark your calendar! Register for the first session in the series and watch your email for reminders on the upcoming webinars.