BIG helps companies grow their business faster.

Bunnell Idea Group (BIG) teaches busy professionals how to be great at business development.

We understand the difficulty of prioritizing the delivery of high-quality services and products to clients while also growing a business or practice. When delivery and business development come head to head, business development often takes a back seat. However it is a necessary skill required for growth and sustaining a healthy pipeline. We make the task and process of business development easy and enjoyable for those responsible for delivering complex, technical work while also growing their business.

BIG developed a system that turns business development into a skill that anyone can learn and implement easily. Our methodology is comprehensive – it consists of over 600 pages and 17 modules covering every aspect of business development, including lead generation, creating demand for a product or service, investing in clients, meeting preparation, and galvanizing your network.

Through our primary service – the GrowBIG® System – we help professionals learn how to manage both delivery and growth by implementing new processes and skills that help keep business development top of mind. As experts with diverse backgrounds in business development training, coaching, and consulting, BIG works with clients to structure the way these skills and processes are implemented for any organization, small and large, and for any industry.

The effectiveness of GrowBIG® is validated by experience and science.

Over 300 organizations and 10,000 participants have used GrowBIG® to grow their business faster. Our clients have included top brands from diverse industries, ranging from top law firms and consulting firms, to Fortune 50 companies, to world-wide art auction houses, and manufacturing powerhouses. An integral part of the methodology is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information. Using the HBDI® and Whole-Brain Thinking®, participants learn how to leverage their thinking preferences and adapt to others to improve performance and results. Over 120 peer-reviewed studies make up the underpinnings of GrowBIG®. This research has been applied to all 17 modules, and the core studies are taught to GrowBIG® participants. By teaching a comprehensive system for cultivating strong, enduring relationships, GrowBIG® leverages the power of behavioral science to successfully master the role of the seller-expert. Combining science and experience, BIG provides their clients with the knowledge, tools, and processes to develop long-lasting relationships that meet their strategic goals.

The delivery and implementation of the GrowBIG® System is organized for maximum effectiveness.

The comprehensive system allows for each organization to implement the level of training needed to various skill levels. The courses build on one another, diving deeper into the GrowBIG® principles and expanding upon the competencies learned in prior courses. The path an organization takes will depend on various quantitative and qualitative aspects, including size, budget, structure, and skill, among others. BIG works with organizations of all sizes and can tailor the approach to match their goals. The four major steps of implementing the GrowBIG® System are GrowBIG® Training, GrowBIG® Leader Training, GrowBIG® Coaching, and ongoing GrowBIG® Strategy Sessions.

GrowBIG® changes the way professionals view business development.

Our expertise lies in working with Seller-Experts – the professional responsible for delivering complex, technical work while also growing their business. Our GrowBIG® System is designed to help these professionals progress and excel at business development while continuing to deliver high quality services and products to their clients. We help clients develop a clear business development roadmap and provide them with the tools they need to execute on it daily. If you are a professional who delivers technical services or products, if it took you years to learn your craft, and if you now find yourself at a level where you are on the hook for finding and growing client relationships in addition to delivering services – then the GrowBIG® System is a fit for you.

Strategy Session

“Mind. Blown. In all my years as an attorney, I have never been through any business development training like this. It is innovative, sophisticated, and effective. It is based on sound behavioral science techniques. I implemented the GrowBIG® system for business development and it changed my career.”

Top 25 Law Firm

“The methodology is useful, sophisticated, mind-changing and sharp. I have never seen the Partners in my firm stay so engaged from the beginning to the very end. It is the perfect complement to all the technical training we receive on the service side because, face it, today every professional has to be active in developing business.”

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