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Grow Your Relationships, Your Book Of Business And Your Career with GrowBIG® Accelerator

Why GrowBIG Accelerator?

After you reach a certain level, business development skills will determine the arc of your career. Expertise is expected. Talent, table stakes.

But learning BD skills is difficult. Countless forces pull you away. Doing the work. Internal working groups. Leadership responsibilities.

How can you keep the focus on BD? Continue to refine your skills? Make it ... enjoyable?

Designed By Research

Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, widely known as the worldwide expert on expertise:

"Consistently and overwhelmingly, the evidence showed that experts are always made, not born."

Dr. Amber Gaffney, an expert in group processes and social influence:

"The more of your identity you draw from a group, even when you’re not around that group, the more likely you are to uphold those values."

Research led us to the GrowBIG Accelerator design. It's simple:

Give you the ongoing BD training you need to continually enhance your skills and win more.

Foster a community of people doing the same so we can all rise up, together.

Winning more and celebrating with friends?

Now that's enjoyable.

So What Is GrowBIG Accelerator?

GrowBIG Accelerator is a community of forward-focused professionals taking their BD skills to the next level, together, led by your friendly BD experts here at Bunnell Idea Group.

We'll facilitate monthly events and promote community building 24/7 through our world-class app.

And because everyone will have gone through GrowBIG Training or read The Snowball System, everyone will be speaking the same language.

What You Need To Succeed

You'll get new content delivered virtually 4x every single month and access to the training and talents of the community 24/7 through our app.

Week 1: GrowBIG Burst Masterclasses

Bite-sized, 90-minute, dynamic training classes giving you the skills you need to build your skills every month

  • Focused on giving you the technical skills you’ll need to succeed in the current environment (like, say, a virtual environment because of a pandemic!)
  • Will teach you what you need and let you connect with others doing the same
  • Includes relationship building across the entire community so you can get new perspectives outside your industry

Week 2: Open Q&A Sessions

Hard hitting, 60-minute open Q&A sessions giving you an opportunity to ask the questions you need to implement GrowBIG perfectly

  • Focused on answering your questions and learning from the questions of others
  • Will teach you how to implement GrowBIG techniques perfectly, avoiding mistakes and saving you time
  • Includes listening to the questions of others, so you can hear new perspectives and speed up your learning

Week 3: Expert-Driven Deep Dives

Rich, 60-minute deep dives with BIG partners that have deep expertise in specific BD areas

  • Focused on deepening your skills in specific BD areas like giving speeches that convert to business, creating a relationship advantage in a virtual world and winning business in high-stakes negotiations
  • Will enhance your skills in critical BD areas
  • includes outside perspectives from some of our most impressive strategic partners

Week 4: Elite Rainmaker Showcases

Inspirational 60-minute interviews with high-performing rainmakers that have been using the GrowBIG system to achieve remarkable results

  • Focused on giving you insight into how the best of the best rise above the rest
  • Will give you a vision of your future self
  • Includes time for you to ask the rainmakers specific questions to give you insight into their success

24/7: Pulling it all together in our app

Access to the entire community to give help, get help and watch all the recorded content mentioned above

  • Focused on giving you 24/7 access to the community and content
  • Will give you the ability to house the entire community and content in your pocket via iOS and Android or on your desktop via your browser
  • Includes the ability to query the community with questions, plan for upcoming sessions and view all the recorded content at your convenience

How much does it cost?

We want to make this affordable for both individuals and our large global clients, starting the community off with a bang.

That's why we've priced GrowBIG Accelerator at $149/person/month.

And, best yet, you get your first month at no charge. It's our investment in you so you can experience the impact of GrowBIG Accelerator yourself.

A Personal Message From Mo

One last thing. It's personal.

I couldn't be more excited about GrowBIG Accelerator.

It's not only your future, it's ours.

The GrowBIG Accelerator community is the future of Bunnell Idea Group. Growing it will be my legacy.

I want to be a part of your incremental successes: getting unstuck, trying new things, stretching outside your comfort zone, systematizing your growth processes, expanding at scale, high-fiving your progress every week, every month.

I want to be in the trenches with you.

I want to help you improve.

I want to celebrate your future successes.

That's why I'm personally committing to lead every session I can over the first year and very likely, forever.

Sure, I'll be working alongside our amazing team, but I'm going to be intimately involved in every aspect of this.

I can't wait to launch and grow our GrowBIG Accelerator community.

I can't wait to personally help you grow your relationships, your book of business and your career.

I can't wait to see you on the inside.

Start Your FREE 30-Day Trial

7 Reasons To Sign Up Today

  • Immense upside: We're looking to add value in order of magnitudes above your investment.
  • No risk: You can experience an entire month at no charge and cancel any time after that.
  • Get high ROI on your time by learning the science and steps that are working in the current environment.
  • Build relationships by sharing great ideas with other dynamic leaders in our community, broadening your perspective outside your own organization.
  • Fine tune your processes through the GrowBIG Burst Trainings, Open Q&As, Expert-Driven Deep Dives and Elite Rainmaker Showcases. Consistent small improvements lead to BIG results.
  • Strategically choose from the 48x sessions a year that spark your curiosity, even watching ones you can't make through our app at times that work for you. You don't have to attend everything, just attend or watch what floats your boat.
  • Grow your relationships, book of business and career by investing in your most important asset: YOU.

Start Your FREE 30-Day Trial

Thinking about signing up a team or large group?

Great idea. We have a lot of people doing this.

Our legacy is large, complex clients and we're excited to tailor the GrowBIG Accelerator experience to align with your unique needs.

We can simplify sign up and billing for your 5+ person groups, even doing some customized and tailored add-on sessions for larger groups.

Just fill out the following interest form. We can answer your questions over email or set up a call to discuss. We're excited about what GrowBIG Accelerator can do for groups and can't wait to talk.


    Will GrowBIG Accelerator work for me or my team?
    Does growing your relationships, your book of business and your career appeal to you?

    Do you want to quickly improve your business development skills?

    GrowBIG Accelerator will help you do just that.

    Still wondering if it's a fit?

    It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. After that, check out your first month at no charge as our investment in you.

    There's no risk. Why not?

    I'm an Account Manager or Client Executive and don't need to find new clients. Will GrowBIG Accelerator work for me?


    We're going to cover all the skills you need to both retain and grow business the business you have.

    You'll fit right in.

    What if I’ve already gone through GrowBIG Training?


    GrowBIG Training teaches you the system. GrowBIG Accelerator will teach you, in great detail and over time, how to implement the system, perfectly, and in whatever current environment we're in.

    The first several months of GrowBIG Accelerator will focus on learning business development techniques that work in a virtual environment.

    What if I haven’t gone through GrowBIG Training?
    No worries.

    You’ll want to read or listen to our book, The Snowball System. You can grab a copy here. 

    Can I sign up my team?

    I think we’ll get the majority of our community will come from larger teams joining GrowBIG Accelerator together.

    It's the perfect mix of getting your entire team aligned, using the same playbook with  building relationships and getting fresh ideas from the broader GrowBIG Accelerator community outside your organization.

    What's super cool is that everyone will already be using the GrowBIG science, steps and stories, so everyone will be speaking the same language. How cool is that?

    Contact us using the form above so we can talk through your unique needs. We'll be making sign up and invoicing easy for larger groups and if you want, we can add additional sessions just for your team.  

    What kinds of training will I get?
    We’ll assume everyone in GrowBIG Accelerator has gone through our world-class GrowBIG Training or has read The Snowball System. (Grab a copy of The Snowball System here if you need one.) 

    That common experience will let us jump right into Master Class-style training every single month.

    These trainings will typically be 90 minutes in length and you’ll get one training class each month during the first week of the month. We’ll cover things like how to prioritize organizations to approach, how to create new relationships and leads, how to create a relationship advantage and stay top of mind, how to create demand for your services using your expertise, how to talk about your fees and negotiate with confidence, how to overcome objections, how to close deals to get started working, and how to expand work in existing clients. 

    All of our trainings will be delivered virtually over Zoom or other similar products. We focus on extremely dynamic, fast-moving training. If you haven't gone through our trainings before, you’ll be engaged and impressed!

    The trainings will change over time, giving you exactly what you need in the current environment we're in at that moment. We’ll have a particular emphasis on developing business virtually as we start GrowBIG Accelerator in the middle of the pandemic. 

    Will you collect credit card information on sign up?

    We’ll do that to make things seamless for everyone, collecting what we need to get you started and keep going in one easy step.

    Exactly when will my credit card be charged?

    It depends on the date you sign up and it's clearly displayed then. The first charge date is about one month after you sign up. After that, you'll be charged monthly about the  same time every month like other recurring payments you have. You'll get personalized, date-specific billing information before you submit your credit card information. Click on the Sign Up Now buttons on this page and follow the process for more details.

    Can I opt out at any time?

    Just remember cancelling would end whatever pricing tier you're on and pricing could be higher at a later date. That said, you can cancel at any time for any reason, no questions asked.

    What app will we use in the GrowBIG Accelerator community?
    We’ve purchased a corporate license for Mighty Networks, the world’s leading app to develop community.

    It’s ad free, has a clean design and is easy to use. We love it. There’s a version for Android, iOS and you can log in through any browser. 

    Mighty Networks will house everything in the community. That'll keep everything handy for you, all in one place. We'll post all the details on upcoming events and also let you see recordings of prior events, making it simple to have the entire GrowBIG Accelerator content library on your phone, in your pocket. This will let you review recordings at any time, even years later. 

    Mighty Networks really shines at fostering community. You can ask anyone or everyone in the community questions, get the answers you need, help others and even direct message people you’ve enjoyed meeting or want to interact with. 

    We’ll have community standards to keep everything focused on our mutual learning: no soliciting of work will be allowed. 

    I can't wait to interact with everyone myself in the app.

    What if a competitor of mine is also a member?
    Given the sheer number of clients we work with, it’s possible this could happen. We’ll have community standards that should make this a non issue. For example, we’ll ask that no one shares any specific client information in our live events or in the app. We've had countless people come through our public live trainings, including competitors in the same room and we’ve never had a problem. 

    Should I expect to get clients from others in GrowBIG Accelerator?

    Our community guidelines will ask everyone not to promote their own services.

    What if I have a different question?
    Use the form above to reach out to us. We'll respond. Happy to help!

    What else should I be thinking about?
    If you're reading the last question in a long list of FAQs, you must be pretty interested in this program.

    Go ahead and sign up now.

    It's a simple process that only takes a few minutes, has no risk and immense upside helping you grow your relationships, grow your book of business and grow your career.