Founder's Friday with Mo

Founder's Friday with Mo

Being Thankful

You’re somewhere. Hopefully, somewhere great. Somewhere you’re happy with.

Wherever you’re at, you would not be where you are without the help of others. Probably many others. Of course, your parents and family. But many others too. The salesperson who helped you find the right aisle at Home Depot, the work colleague who is always going the extra mile, and that client that’s been with you since the beginning. Even that friend from college that never showed anyone those pictures of you running the Lotus Block Trot.

They all have something in common. You are thankful for them. Thankful they trusted you. Thankful they invested in you. Thankful they were helpful when you needed it.

We are all somewhere. We are somewhere important. And, we would not be there without others.

Enter, gratitude.

Thank you” might be the most powerful and underused phrase in the world of business and family.

In business: Thank you for that referral. Thank you for providing feedback on my presentation. Thank you for helping me think through my growth plan.

At home: Thank you for making dinner tonight. Thank you for cleaning up the school project after it was done. Thank you for taking out the trash.

Please” may be the magic word, but “Thank you” is enchanting.