Loving BD

Business development can be a discouraging practice. Lots of effort can be wasted when a prospect is no longer interested in your business. Even worse, the process can make many people feel like they are a sleazy car salesman. But there are ways to change this outlook. In this video, we discuss how you can come to love what you do, to love business development, so that you can give your best effort, not be discouraged, and feel great about it.

The Importance of Quantity

Quality is an important part of our interactions with others. Focusing on this, however, can potentially lead to a loss in the quantity of those interactions, which can be equally important. In this episode, we discuss the science behind this, and discuss a simple way that you can increase the quantity of interactions.

Tracking Leading Indicators

When working in business development, there can be significant lags in the time between engaging a prospect and selling them a product. Because of this, staying motivated and focused can be difficult. In this video, we discuss how you can stay motivated and focused by tracking the leading, rather than lagging, indicators.

The Options of Cost

Discussing the cost of your services with a client or prospect can be another one of those sensitive areas where people can be really afraid. In this video I’ve shared one technique that can be helpful for several scenarios, and will help you help your client succeed.

Learning From A Personal Failure

Mistakes are something that everyone will have to wrestle with eventually. The most important thing, however, is not the mistake itself, but how we overcome and learn from it, making them the measure for our growth. In this video, Mo discusses a personal failure for himself, and shares how he, and you, can learn from them.

Talking About Money

Many professionals can talk about the process, the people, the goals for a project, but they hesitate when it comes to talking to their clients about money. People shy away from it all the time! In this video we provide a new perspective on talking to people about money. We hope you find it valuable!

Give-To-Get Greater Demand

The Give-to-Get Model, executed in the right way, creates demand for your services or products. It can rapidly expand the number of opportunities you have with target clients. In this short video, Mo Bunnell shares the behavioral science behind why Give-to-Gets work so well.