Creating Demand for Your Services: Rainmaker’s Craft

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Welcome to the eighth video in our 8-part series about how to craft the perfect buying process for your clients. This is our last video in the series. Congratulations for making it this far!

What you’ve learned up to this point is:

  1. How to craft a magnetic buying process for your clients that they will love.
  2. How to hack your own habits so you can stay on top of business development going forward.

Here, we are going to cover the two things that Rainmakers do to become great at business development.

Before beginning, I want to highlight that, although this is the last video in the series, you can look forward to receiving ongoing communication from us with lots of little tips and tricks on every single aspect of business development. These can include topics as diverse as the ways to “get in” with a new client, strategies to create demand, the practical steps to develop and maintain longstanding client relationships, and suggestions regarding ways to invest in your clients in deeper ways than you ever thought possible. We are going to cover all these and more during our communications going forward.

Also, please feel free to reach out to us at any stage. We answer all our emails and phone calls, and we’d love to have a dialogue with you.

Now, it’s time to get down to business. Here are the two things that we see Rainmakers across all industries do.

First, they attack business development in the same way that they attacked learning their craft in the beginning. They dive into books and articles and subscribe to every source they can.

You should also think about business development as something you can learn, something you can speak on, and something you can shepherd and mentor others in. If you put as much energy into business development as you did mastering your craft, you will measure what you’re doing for BD, determine the ways to get better, and experiment with new techniques. There’s no way not to improve if you make learning business development a top priority.

Secondly, Rainmakers never let the excuse, “I’m too busy,” get in the way.

Instead they say, “I’m really busy next week, but I’ve got lots of access to important clients because I’ve got so much going on. What can I do with the access and the little bit of time that I have?” By doing this, they avoid the rollercoaster effect created by alternating slow and busy periods. You should always be filling your pipeline. Treat business development as a priority that you need to move forward.

Thank you again for watching this series. We really enjoyed creating these videos. We hope they have helped you immensely. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to be helpful to you going forward.