Custom GrowBIG® Training

GrowBIG® Training teaches a comprehensive business development system consisting of 17 modules that cover every aspect of the business development process.

GrowBIG® Training attendees gain the knowledge, tools, and processes to develop long-lasting relationships that meet their strategic goals. We have combined nearly 20 years of business development trial and error into a three-day in-person training course. The practical value of the principles we teach is supported by scores of independent, peer-reviewed academic journal articles from the behavioral science and behavioral economics fields. Following the GrowBIG® System allows professionals to develop proficiency in a shorter time than most could ever expect.

“One of our clients had a team that already developed a sizable list of clients but hadn’t managed to achieve enough “wallet share.” BIG advised their team to make a concerted effort in developing and offering “Give-to-Get” (GTG) opportunities. GTG opportunities are strategic investments in a client that demonstrate their expertise and highlight the value of their offerings. When the client reviewed their data afterward, they realized that their number of GTGs had increased significantly, but then had fallen off. The reason behind this shift was that they had won so much new work through the GTGs that they didn’t have the resource capacity to continue offering them!”

– Mo Bunnell

Customized Implementation

Our clients design their GrowBIG® Training program for their organization through customization of the GrowBIG® Training Materials and tailored facilitation.

1Customization of GrowBIG® Training Materials

The printed GrowBIG® Training materials can be customized to match a firm’s business and culture. Our clients find that branding the training materials with their logo and customizing the language to make it relevant to their company provides an invaluable resource to training participants and an excellent recruiting tool for the organization. We offer three distinct options so our clients can choose the one that best fits their needs.

Light: Customization includes branding the content with the client’s name and logo throughout, changing case studies and examples to match the client’s business (but not changing core processes or procedures). This customization will utilize BIG’s project manager, instructional designer, graphic designer, and copywriters.

Medium: Customization includes everything involved in the above Light customization plus changes to the core processes and/or procedures to better match the client’s business process.

Heavy: Customization includes everything involved in the above Medium customization plus re-ordering of the content into a difference sequence of modules, writing new transitional materials, and designing and developing new content, processes, and procedures.

2Facilitation of GrowBIG® Training

Our clients choose between these various approaches for the delivery of GrowBIG® Training within their organizations.


Commonly implemented by clients training less than a total of 100 participants.

  • Clients that take this approach include law firms, financial services organizations, non-profit organizations, some smaller specialty brokers, and other professional service firms
  • Standard GrowBIG® Training participant fee, with no upfront investment for GrowBIG® Certification
  • Implemented immediately, upon confirming facilitator availability
  • GrowBIG Training is a three-day course, which includes
    • Prep call with client to tailor the facilitation to their industry and goals
    • Three-day in-person GrowBIG Training session
    • Debrief call with client to discuss implementation and follow-up
  • Minimum of 16 participants per class
  • Training is facilitated by a BIG Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator who is an external expert in business development and the GrowBIG® methodology, providing deep insights into the behavioral science behind the fundamentals of GrowBIG®


Commonly implemented by larger organizations training 100+ participants.

  • Clients that take this approach include healthcare companies, insurance brokerages, and other Fortune 100 companies
  • Lower participant fee, with upfront initial investment for GrowBIG® Certification, plus per day rate for the BIG Facilitator to co-teach GrowBIG®
  • BIG recommends certifying at least two people in your organization
  • GrowBIG® Certification is a four-month process, which includes
    • GrowBIG® Training as a participant – 3 days
    • HBDI® Certification – 3 days, plus prep and a post-certification practicum
    • GrowBIG® Certification – 3 days, plus prep and debrief
  • Certification is effective for two years, with required renewal after two years
  • BIG suggests selecting candidates who had advanced facilitation skills to ensure they become an expert Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator and the capacity to facilitate GrowBIG® Training within the scope of their other job demands
  • No minimum number of participants per class
  • Training is facilitated by an internal Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator who can also help with implementation and follow-up processes

Blended Facilitation

Our blended facilitation approach utilizes the client’s internal facilitators and an external BIG facilitator

  • Clients that use this approach include management consulting firms, law firms, and other specialty brokers
  • A blended approach to facilitation benefits participants by combining an internal industry expert with an external business development expert
  • Lower participant fee, with upfront initial investment for GrowBIG® Certification, plus additional fee for BIG facilitator
  • Implemented after internal facilitators complete GrowBIG® Certification
  • No minimum number of participants
  • Training is facilitated by both an internal Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator and a BIG Certified GrowBIG® Facilitator