GrowBIG® Overview

GrowBIG® Organization-wide Implementation

Successful GrowBIG® Implementation requires several steps, especially at large organizations. GrowBIG® can scale from one targeted class to a comprehensive cultural change for 1000s of people. This framework creates momentum for change.

Design the Future GrowBIG® teaches Intentionality. Intentionality drives success. Here, we work with leaders to drive it at the highest level – growing the organization. In an intense in-person session, we guide leaders to the decisions they’ll need to get the growth they want: crafting strategy, choosing needed supporting tools, setting their leading and lagging success metrics, building the roll-out plan, and choosing the roles and team members needed to succeed.
GrowBIG® Growth Strategy Sessions

Build the Infrastructure Building the tools up-front speeds adoption and results. This step flexes to the needs of each client. GrowBIG® Training comes first, Leader Training second. Tailor training. Customize GrowBIG® materials. Tailor the GrowBIG® experience. Evolve the CRM. Code the L&D System. Develop front-line tools like system-wide Assets and Give-To-Gets. Write communications. The work done in this step is typically done once, and serves the organization for years.
GrowBIG® Customization Options

Invest in People Skill building is critical for long-term success. Investing in the team begins with GrowBIG® Train The Trainer Certification, including HBDI Certification. Here, the training team becomes expert at the innovative GrowBIG® techniques, the necessary process steps, the behavioral science underpinnings, and the stories that bring the system to life. This process is intense, and not all candidates pass the certification process. The result is a knowledgeable and vibrant training team that will inspire and inform.
Train-the-Trainer Certification

GrowBIG® Training & Leader Training It’s time to deploy GrowBIG®. The trainers are ready, the materials are customized, and the dates are set. GrowBIG® Training comes first, Leader training second, Leader Coaching third. This one-two-three cadence drives excitement and adoption. This is an exciting time. Everything is coming together to build momentum.
GrowBIG® Training GrowBIG® Leader Training

Practice. Share. Evolve. Changing behaviors to grow the business is the most important step in the process. We work with leadership in quarter-long sprints to define the focus for leaders and their people. Behaviors are rooted in the past, and take great effort to change. We get real. We monitor leading and lagging metrics. We share stories of what is and isn’t working. We evaluate the timeline and adjust. This work informs our next sprint, including the strategy, narrative, process, and measures to track and coach. Success isn’t an event, it’s a process.