GrowBIG® Special Sessions

GrowBIG® Special Sessions are a great way for our clients to introduce GrowBIG® to their organization, provide a dive deep into a certain area of business development that the organization wants to focus on, plan out a strategy for growth, or develop a tool that can help create demand for your services. These in-person sessions range from one-to-two hour Impact Sessions that dive deep into one aspect of GrowBIG®, to full-day Strategy Sessions that help our clients develop a plan for a particular focus area of their organization.

Our clients have recognized tremendous value from these sessions, and implemented new processes that have greatly increased demand for their services. There are three main types of GrowBIG® Special Sessions: Strategy Sessions, Impact Sessions, and HBDI® Sessions.

GrowBIG® Strategy Sessions

In an executive-level strategy session we help clients map out their current state and align their strategic goals to get to the future state they want in regard to business development.

A BIG Global Consultant and Facilitator designs and facilitates a custom in-person session with firm leadership to develop a strategic plan for a particular focus: growth, leadership direction, Scalable Give-to-Gets*, and more.

These sessions are commonly half-day to full-day sessions.

GrowBIG® Impact Sessions

Utilizing modules from the GrowBIG® Training materials, we provide a deep dive into the behavioral science, tools, and techniques of one or two GrowBIG® principles. 

A BIG Global Consultant and Facilitator works with clients to tailor the facilitation for maximum relevance for the audience. Each participant is provided with tangible, valuable tools that they can put into practice immediately.

One-to-two hour sessions utilize one GrowBIG® module and three-to-four hour sessions utilize up to two GrowBIG® modules.

GrowBIG® HBDI® Sessions

Utilizing GrowBIG® Training Module 2: You’re Not What You Think, we introduce professionals to a new way of thinking that helps them be more authentic and balanced in their interactions. 

A BIG Global Consultant, Facilitator, and HBDI® Certified Trainer delivers an interactive session that helps clients develop a deep understanding of the HBDI® and the Whole-Brain model to improve their communication skills and teamwork. These sessions provide a great opportunity to expose an organization to a transformative, key aspect of GrowBIG® Training before implementing the full system.

This three-hour session can be facilitated with or without individual HBDI® Assessments for participants. HBDI® Profiles may be added for an additional cost per person.