GrowBIG® Leader Training

GrowBIG® Leader Training builds on GrowBIG® Training by providing a complete implementation system for leadership.

It was built for leaders who want to improve their business development leadership skills through powerful strategy setting, coaching, and implementation processes. This six-module course is designed with a particular emphasis on coaching on the use of the GrowBIG® tools and techniques.

Utilizing the methodology and behavioral science techniques that validate GrowBIG® Training, leaders and managers of seller-experts learn how to lead high-performing teams and apply the behavioral science techniques to effectively coach their teams. By further understanding the science behind the methodology and coaching to the tools and techniques, leaders and managers can help their teams achieve proficiency and results quickly.

Results of GrowBIG® Leader Training

  • Strategic business development plan
  • Team goals and behaviors
  • Assessment of leadership skills
  • Coaching on the GrowBIG® tools and techniques
  • Defined metrics and reporting requirements
  • Celebration techniques

GrowBIG® Leader Training is a great fit for organizations that have skilled leaders and managers who have completed GrowBIG® Training, and who have the desire to lead and coach their teams to higher levels of performance. These leaders commonly lead sales teams who have gone through GrowBIG® Training, and are therefore familiar with the GrowBIG® tools and techniques.

The two-day course is taught by our BIG Certified Facilitators who add their real-life experiences to a highly interactive and engaging course. The cost for the first six leaders to attend is a flat fee, followed by a per person fee for each additional participant.