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Three Easy Ways to be More Likable image description

Three Easy Ways to be More Likable

Likability is an important part of building relationships. In this video, we share the behavioral science and tips behind being...

Loving BD image description

Loving BD

Business development can be a discouraging practice. Lots of effort can be wasted when a prospect is no longer interested...

The Importance of Quantity image description

The Importance of Quantity

Quality is an important part of our interactions with others. Focusing on this, however, can potentially lead to a loss...

Tracking Leading Indicators image description

Tracking Leading Indicators

When working in business development, there can be significant lags in the time between engaging a prospect and selling them...

The Options of Cost image description

The Options of Cost

Discussing the cost of your services with a client or prospect can be another one of those sensitive areas where...

Learning From A Personal Failure image description

Learning From A Personal Failure

Mistakes are something that everyone will have to wrestle with eventually. The most important thing, however, is not the mistake...

The Gamification of BD image description

The Gamification of BD

Business development is something that can never seem to reinforce the hard work and effort that has gone into it....


Telling A Great Story

There is tremendous power behind the stories we tell each other. In this video, we discuss the science powering storytelling,...

Talking About Money image description

Talking About Money

Many professionals can talk about the process, the people, the goals for a project, but they hesitate when it comes...