New LexisNexis InterAction Global Partnership!

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Big news!

​We just announced a new global partnership with LexisNexis InterAction, the leading CRM in the legal space.

​74% of the largest 100 law firms on the planet use InterAction. Their 400,000 users are by far the largest in the law firm space. Scale!

​They're built from the ground up around relationships, so they're a perfect fit for us.

​Three things to help you if your firm uses InterAction:

  • We're embedding short, how-to videos of me into the CRM itself. They're designed to give you the perfect help right when you need it.
  • We're certifying all the InterAction Client Advisors to be GrowBIG coaches, so they can give amazing advice on tech and BD.
  • We're going to be bringing special virtual training classes to all InterAction customers.

​We'll be doing all of this globally.

​And the best news?

There's no additional cost if you use InterAction.

More in our formal video announcment here!

What We Just Created

We just created...the most amazing BD-focused community ever!

​The GrowBIG Accelerator launch exceed my wildest expectations.

​I would have been elated with 10 high performers wanting to elevate their BD game, help each other and thrive.

​20 people joining would have been amazing.

​We blew that out of the water.

We've got 200+ members already signed up and we're we're still adding more.

​200+ people looking to advance their relationships to help more clients.

​200+ people looking to grow their books of business to do the work they love.

​200+ people helping each other accelerate their careers.

​And it's not just the sheer number of high performers that joined that blew me away, it's the quality.

​This is the all-star team!

We're all going to learn together, masterclass style. We're all going to help each other. We're all going to take our skills to the next level.


​Join us here.


What To Revisit

Talking about the InterAction partnership made me think of this video we recorded on the four steps you can use to grow your business with great strategic partnerships.

​Seems perfect to revisit today, especially in this pandemic. We all need more people on our side, building things together.

​Check it out here.

What's Coming Up

We're gearing up for an amazing invite-only abbreviated GrowBIG session on UK time.

​It's going to be on Dec 1 and full of some of the best professional service firms and service-based companies in Europe.

​More on GrowBIG Training in general here.

​More on the UK-focused event specifically here.

​Have European operations you'd like to expose to our BD training?

​Great news: I can offer you two seats at no charge as my personal guest.

It'll include HBDI, live facilitation by me and Ryan on GrowBIG Modules 1-5, a Snowball System book and...a very nice bottle of wine to share at the happy hour afterwards.

​Back to having great partners...

​We're doing this in conjunction with our great partners at InterAction and Passle.

​(If you haven't checked out Passle's tech, click that link. Their stuff is awesome.)


​Ping me if you want to invite folks from your firm. I can't wait.

What's Making Me Smile

I was recently interviewed by Carl Grant on his show Rainmakers.

​We covered a LOT of ground in this 17 minute interview, covering several important aspects of becoming a trusted advisor.

​Loved Carl's show. Definitely worth subscribing to.

​I had a ball with Carl on his show! Turns out we're both fraternity brothers from different campuses and we both know several of the same people.

​So fun.

​Check it out here.

What's Worth Lingering On

You can tell we've been working on some great partnerships the last few months.

​Finding great partners is a stellar way to cross pollinate clients, share resources and help cheer each other on.

​The key is starting the conversation.

Who has a similar clientele, complimentary services and would be fun to collaborate with?

What's stopping you from giving them a call today?