Founder's Friday with Mo

Founder's Friday with Mo

Relationships Matter

We hear this all the time, but it’s in the critical moments when relationships roar. In business, it’s the reference or the referral. Even getting a shot in the first place. Many times, winning and losing comes down to the relationship.

I’ve been thinking about relationships a lot lately, especially at home. I’m about to lose my older daughter to college. Gabby is headed to Duke in a few weeks to begin her freshman year. I’m torn between excitement for her and an empty seat at the dinner table for me.

Thank goodness I built the relationship.

My family has had relationship rituals in place ever since Gabby was born.

Every year, I hunker down and make a movie of the family’s exploits of that year, debuting it on New Years Day. We’ve got them back to 2002 and watch them often. Every year, we go on a Daddy Robot Day, where each daughter gets to do whatever they want. I’m their Daddy Robot. Just me and her. When she was younger, Gabby and I spent an entire day at Chuck E. Cheese. And, when she grew older, we spent a weekend in the San Juan Islands chasing killer whales. It was her choice, her day.

Add our other relationship rituals like our annual family camping trips where we’ve been trapped by bears, riding horses at the HF Bar dude ranch, and playing countless board games during down time. Everyday dinner with my family is my favorite, even though it’s sometimes tacos in ten minutes.

This has me looking forward, for those I care about, both personally and in business: What should I do next to build the relationship?

And, it has me looking back. Thank goodness I built the relationship. She’s almost gone.