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Our GrowBIG® System is designed for Seller-Experts to progress and excel at business development while continuing to deliver high quality services and products to their clients.

We use the term Seller-Expert to describe professionals that have one foot in leading extremely technical work and the other in drumming up more business for their firms. The GrowBIG® System was developed for exactly this type of professional because Mo Bunnell, the CEO and Founder of BIG, was a Seller-Expert when he developed this system for his own business development success.

Almost 20 years ago, Mo Bunnell was a Healthcare Actuarial Consultant at Hewitt Associates. He had just passed all 24 actuarial exams, earning the highest designation as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, when he was asked to work alongside a mentor to lead some of the firm’s largest clients.  Mo was a technical expert in his field of healthcare consulting. In his new role, however, he needed to be a Seller-Expert. Mo had to continue to deliver highly technical services that demanded a good portion of his time and do business development to grow the business.

In an early conversation with his mentor, Mo asked, “Where’s the manual? You know, the one that I can use to learn business development?” The response he received was, “There is no manual, Mo. You just need to treat the client right.”

In his new role, Mo’s career and compensation were dependent on his ability to excel at being a Seller-Expert and grow client relationships. It was a ‘sink or swim’ situation, mirroring the one faced by many professionals today. Like Mo, many professionals receive in-depth technical training as they advance in their career, but rarely receive any business development training, let alone training covering the depth and breadth of how to do it right.

Rather than continuing to search for a non-existent manual, Mo began a personal research project, determining the ways that he could be both more efficient and effective when completing his BD responsibilities. He began reading books on relevant topics, digging into peer-reviewed academic research, and inviting high performers to lunch to pick their brains. As the pile of notes grew, he began pulling key themes and topics that, when combined into a process, created a comprehensive business development system.

And the system Mo developed and tested worked. In just a few years, Mo was managing two of Hewitt Associates’ four largest clients, representing over $70 million in revenue. He was also leading the 700-person Atlanta office and leading one-quarter of the US Business Development group.

Mo eventually left Hewitt Associates to launch Bunnell Idea Group and its primary service – GrowBIG® Training. GrowBIG® is the refined and expanded version of the whitepaper he had created for himself while at Hewitt. Like the initial manual, GrowBIG® is a comprehensive system that is based on behavioral science, designed to inspire real behavioral change, and deliver real results in business development success. It teaches a way to do BD that is authentic, behavioral science-driven, process-oriented, and (perhaps most importantly) fun.

Since Bunnell Idea Group was founded, our Certified GrowBIG® Facilitators have trained over 10,000 professionals at more than 300 organizations covering a wide range of industries. The success stories of our clients have validated, through shared testimonials of career growth, that business development is a skill that can be learned by anyone. All you need is a system.